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Stage One – Complete language assessment of your organization - FREE OF CHARGE

We will personally meet and test your employees to ascertain their starting level, the level they want to achieve and their strengths, weaknesses, goals and objectives in their target language.

Stage Two – Recommendations / Targets

A training solution will be suggested in order to achieve the language goals and objectives of your organization. Work-related material, vocabulary and job functions are integrated into the courses.

Stage Three – Tailor-made courses and Trainers

The process so far has identified the language needs of your organization. The tailor-made courses designed from this will make your organization better prepared for the international market. Our trainers are native, qualified, with business backgrounds and have well over 10 and 20 years’ experience of teaching in Finland.

Stage Four – Support

Throughout the course, attendances are monitored and on-going feedback requested to ensure the course progresses in the right direction. 

Stage Five – Results and Assessment

Once the course is finished comprehensive reports can be produced for each participant, emphasizing progress, language levels in relation to the European Council scale and recommendations for future learning. Meetings are arranged between MRBE and your organization to go through the reports. rating


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We have been very happy over many years with the language consulting services provided by Mark Richards English Oy. Their teachers are truly professional and committed in meeting our language training needs. The cooperation is working very well and the service is provided in all parts of Finland.

Heidi Laitinen
HRD Specialist
Skanska Oy

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