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All pre-Course needs analyses are conducted free of charge.

Effective Presentations Course

This two-day course is given by our presentations expert who will give instructions and advice on what makes a good presentation. Feedback will be given throughout, starting with the initial presentations given by the participants. This is backed up with video evidence looking at the whole concept of a good presentation such as the participants' body language, eye contact, visual aids, signposting, progression, objectives, cultural differences, intonation, stress and pace, to name but a few. The participants will then be given time to prepare other presentations, constantly improving their techniques in preparation and delivery through feedback from the trainer and video. This is all done within a very relaxed, positive learning environment.

Meetings and Negotiations Course

This two-day course is given by our negotiations expert who through a series of instructions and role-plays will advise the participants on the various strategies that can be used during negotiations. The participants will be taken through the various stages of meetings and negotiations such as preparation, the initial small talk stage, techniques and tactics, behaviour to avoid, advice for Finnish negotiators when dealing with different cultures, exchanging information and generating options, to name but a few. The participants will then be given time to prepare for the various role-play situations that will be given to them. Through feedback from the trainer and video the participants will constantly improve their preparation methods, techniques, tactics and overall meetings and negotiation skills.

Legal English Course

This two-day course looks at the core issues such as, Understanding and writing "legal English", English law of contract - English business law, The European Database Directive and International Intellectual property law. The participants will be met before the course to ascertain their areas of law and goals and objectives for the course. From this work-related material and the relevant areas of law mentioned will be integrated into the course.

Intercultural Competence course

This two to three day course (determined through the free pre-course needs analyses) uses the most effective training which covers two main approaches: didactic and experiential. The didactic approach is based on providing a cognitive understanding of a culture, its people and customs, etc. This involves a lecture & discussion format in which similarities and differences are presented and discussed. The experiential approach is based on the assumption that people learn best from experiences, and structured activities like simulations and role plays are used.

HR Course

This two-day course is given by our HR expert who through a series of role-plays and advice will help develop the skills of HR people in English. The participants will be tested and detailed needs analyses carried out. This way the areas covered such as basic terms and working conditions, policy and planning, recruitment and selection, reward, training, development and appraisal, health safety, welfare and environment and employee representation and employee relations will be relative to the participants actual work. HR theory and relative work-related examples makes for an excellent course for HR people wishing to improve their English language skills in their world of work whilst also benefiting greatly the company that they work for. rating


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We have been very happy over many years with the language consulting services provided by Mark Richards English Oy. Their teachers are truly professional and committed in meeting our language training needs. The cooperation is working very well and the service is provided in all parts of Finland.

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